EUR USD Exchange Rate

EUR USD exchange rate is probably the most important and most closely watched exchange rate mainly because the eurozone and the United States are the global financial super powers.

The EUR USD exchange rate is an important indicator of relative economic health between the eurozone and the USA. The EUR USD exchange rate tells us a lot of information not only about the relative health of these economies but also about the flow of capital.

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EUR USD exchange rate
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EUR USD Exchange Rate

The EUR USD exchange rate is very sensitive to changes in interest rates. When interest rates go up in the USA, the US dollar tends to appreciate. When the interest rate in the eurozone goes up, the usually euro appreciates.

When looking at the historic EUR USD exchange rate, you can see that it has experienced huge volatility. Due to massive flows of capital, the EUR USD exchange rate can appreciate or depreciate greatly, even as much as 30% per year.

Historic EUR USD exchange rate

The chart above shows historic EUR USD exchange rate from 2002 to 2011.

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